About Please Knock

Video by Shuriken 

Please Knock is motivated by surprise and delight in interactions.

"Our purpose is to elevate things that were once thought of as taboo - to the artistic level where they truly can be appreciated for the genius they are. Sharing these “dirty” discoveries, providing people with an illicit thrill is our prerogative."

We take the role of curator, guide, and entertainer, providing valuable, humorous narrative, education, and context for erotic art. Please Knock was created to satisfy a desire we had found unfulfilled anywhere else; tasteful, erotic art that is accessible, elevated, and affordable. 



The Erotic Art Exhibitions from Please Knock features internationally acclaimed artists, where they can display their uncensored work, free from the suffocating censorship of social media restrictions.
Unlike television and film, the internet treats all erotic art as pornographic, and its extreme constraints serve to punish creators and erase great art works, as well as stifle the genius of artists who fear stigma and suppression.

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